The pool is available for hire by schools and is currently used by several primary schools in the town. Schools must provide their own qualified swimming teacher..

Please contact the committee for further information.

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Trinity Trainer Pool
Trinity Trainer Pool is a fantastic unit, providing excellent swimming facilities to our KS1 pupils. St. Mary’s School have been associated with the pool for many years and find it’s facilities perfect for our needs
Trinity Trainer Pool
The Year 2 children have had a lovely time  learning to swim at Trinity Pool.   The  children who were unable to swim at the beginning of term have gained in confidence and made excellent progress - all can now swim a length!  The  more experienced swimmers have worked hard on improving their style and breathing and also made good progress.  Trinity trainer pool is a convenient and  safe  size pool for our children to  learn to swim in
Trinity Trainer Pool
Trinity Trainer Pool is a fabulous resource to have! The children love the changing rooms and the wider pool area which is painted with sea creatures on the walls. The water is kept at a lovely temperature so that any reluctant swimmers soon change their mind. The size and depth of the pool is small enough so that it does not intimidate the children, but big enough for a proper swimming lesson.